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Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live-game by Pragmatic Play

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About the game

Provider:Pragmatic Play
Release Date:2021-11-10
Type:Live Casino Games
Max winx20000
Min bet $, €, £0.2
Max bet $, €, £:3000
Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Attributes

Sweet Bonanza Candyland live game was launched in 2021 thanks to gaming content provider Pragmatic Play. This studio, by the way, already has an impressive lineup of slots with real dealers. And Sweet Bonanza Candyland is among them.

This colorful game with a real money wheel and chic design in the original game’s style has attracted many players’ interest. Despite the fact that gamers are online, they note the effect of live presence.

This live game will appeal to both beginners and experienced users. Here you can not only have a good time, but also increase your bankroll. And the presence of various bonuses fuels the interest of the audience.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Features

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a real casino integrated into a virtual format. It works 24/7, only the dealers change: after all, they are real people who also need a rest.

Entering Sweet Bonanza, the first thing players see is a huge wheel of 54 sectors, next to which there is a dealer. By the way, the dealers here are professional hosts. They are dressed in colorful costumes that match the spirit of the game. This is how Sweet Bonanza Candyland differs from standard casinos, where dealers sit at the tables dressed in boring black.

Hosts of Sweet Bonanza Candyland

The game is loved by many users due to its simple concept. Here there is an opportunity to bet money on the fact that the arrow will stop on one of the 54 segments of the circle. When the bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel in different directions. The arrow is able to stand on a sector with a fixed multiplier, or a bonus game can fall out.

Some important information of Sweet Bonanza Candyland:

Max. bet – 3000$,

Min. bet – 0.2$

RTP – up to 96,48%

casino hours – 24/7, all year round

access – from PCs and mobile devices

The game is predominantly designed for foreign audiences, as it has only English language.

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Game rules

There are various images on the game wheel in Sweet Bonanza Candyland: mostly fruits, including banana, grape, plum, apple. They have different multipliers.

Gamers can play with 6 types of simultaneous bets on different variants of images. The unit here is found in 23 cells of the circle, double – in 15 areas, five and ten – in 7 and 4 zones, respectively. There are also bonus images on the wheel. When the dealer starts the wheel, the player will have no more than 18 seconds to adjust the bet between spins.

In Sweet Bonanza Candyland, the outcome depends on luck. Did you hit the high multiplier? Then you’re in luck! The bet will be multiplied by the multiplier, and you will get your winnings. By the way, in this casino there are often generous payouts. After all, some coefficients can increase the amount as much as 20,000 times!

It is worth noting that betting on the minimum coverage of circle segments is high risk. After all, the probability that a high odds will fall out is not very high.

Check out the gameplay of the Sweet Bonanza Candyland in this video:

Benefits of the game

The following points can be considered as the advantages of this live game:

  • Icon 1 A vibrant atmosphere that evokes the thrill of excitement
  • Icon 2 User-friendly and ergonomic interface
  • Icon 3 Bonus games
  • Icon 4 Special bonus features

It’s worth talking about the last ones in more detail.

Bonus features in Sweet Bonanza Candyland

The fruit wheel sometimes brings unexpected surprises – bonus features. You can get to them if you make a successful bet on the corresponding sectors of the game circle.

Let’s consider them:

  • Sweet Spins. This is an additional bonus game. It does not have a game wheel, as in the main game entertainment. But there is a table 6×5. The mechanics of this game is as clear as possible to players. Here the pieces fall, they form the outcome. Using this mini-game gives gamers +10 spins, however, you can earn more. The maximum coefficient is x20000.
  • Candy Drop. Another mini-game based on a random number generator. Gamers choose one of three multicolored candies that rush along the winding paths. There are four rows, and in each row there are odds and different bonuses that are added to the winnings, barely the candy reaches them. The biggest possible winnings is x1000. It can be obtained if a candy hits four boxes with sweets.
  • Sugar Bomb. This option gives higher multipliers than in other areas of the playing field. If the wheel stands on the bonus sector, with further spins of the circle gamer receives an additional coefficient in the range from x2 to x10. A new bet is not needed: the drum will spin for nothing. Gamers also have the opportunity to take advantage of the Sugar Bomb booster. To do this, it is enough to activate the option in the right area of the playing field. Activation can be done every round. However, it should be taken into account that the cost of using the booster is 25% of the bet.
  • Bubble Surprise. The last bonus option added just recently: in 2022. This is an analog of a slot game with a single reel. The winnings are formed depending on which sector the drum stops on. Coefficients from x5 to x25 can fall out here. It is also possible to win the launch of bonus games.


Sweet Bonanza Candyland certainly deserves your attention. In this casino game you will get an unforgettable gaming experience, and you will also be able to earn good money. By the way, you can also read the experience of other players on our website.

The main thing to adhere to the principles of financial literacy, which are the same for all gambling: do not put more than 1-2% of the total bankroll on a single bet, choose a game tactics and be able to stop in time. Then the use of Sweet Bonanza Candyland will bring only positive emotions!

Author of the article

Marina Stashevich

iGaming Expert / She has over 5 years of experience in the online casino industry, loves Sweet Bonanza and crash games. Here she shares her experiences and observations on how the world of gambling works.


Where can I play the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game? +
You can find Sweet Bonanza at online casinos that feature Pragmatic Play games. Some of them featured on this page above are 1win, 1xbet, Pin up and Mostbet.
What is the RTP of Sweet Bonanza Candyland? +
The RTP of this live game is 96.95%.
What is Sweet Bonanza Candyland? +
It is a casino game with a money wheel and live host dealers that takes place in a live format. The game is run by Pragmatic Play.
How much can you win at Sweet Bonanza Candyland? +
The maximum winnings in the game is €500,000.
What is the biggest multiplier in the game? +
The highest multiplier in the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game is 20,000x.
What is the maximum and minimum bet? +
The maximum bet in the game is $3,000 and the minimum bet is $0.2.